Teaching Philosophy

Through active demonstrations and constructive critique, my teaching methods promote the learning and practice of fundamental skills and techniques in drawing and art making. This is important because it nurtures individual development of creativity and artistic expression.

 My goal is for my students to learn through observation of representing objects or their environment in two-dimensional form, to scale objects to size, identify and execute a wide range of values, focusing on the accuracy of line and form, and applying principles of composition and space for their images. These traditional skill sets can be used as a basis for any and all creative projects on a broader spectrum.

I have helped several students, non-art majors in particular, in observing and drawing from life. There was one student who had struggled understanding observed perspective, which requires the student to observe and draw a hallway or architectural structure and applying one-point or two-point perspective. I explained one-point and two-point perspective through demonstrations and mapping while having the student draw six different practice sketches of observed perspective. After the repeated exercising of basic perspective drawing, the student would sketch one space of their choosing for the final project up to three times, correcting the sizes and angles of the space. They learned to carefully plan out how to execute their image by gridding and angling with their straightedge ruler as they learn to understand figure-ground relationships. The final drawing was the best example of their improvement.

The development process of every project and the progress over the semester proves to be a satisfying feat for myself and it builds confidence in art making amongst my students. Confidence allows for artists to effectively communicate their intentions through their work. The freedom of expression through art is the right of any artist, thus expanding their potential and opening opportunities in their future.


Jacksonville, FL