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Coral Reefs & the Sea Floor

Throughout my life, I have had various experiences and influential events such as discovering local coral reefs, almost drowning in a rip current, dreaming of the sea, and local snorkeling trips. The focus of this series is to raise awareness on the current conditions of the oceans, specifically coral reefs, as I have observed the deterioration and loss of coral reefs through my life time in the local waters of the Florida Keys and in my home island of Puerto Rico.

My work conveys the aesthetics and the vitality of the ocean environment when submersed underwater. There are obscure depths of the seascapes stretching into the distance, while certain features closer to the foreground are emphasized with fluid clarity. Even within desolate seascapes, corals, aquatic plants, and fish endure throughout the pictured environment as a reference to sea-life survival in endangered habitats. There is a combination of various surfaces such as Yupo paper, wood panel, and canvas that allow for the paintings to build up layers whether through the paint media or pasting paper. 

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