Edmari Hernandez Silen

Coral Reefs and the Sea Floor

The focus of this series is to raise awareness on the current conditions of the oceans, specifically coral reefs, as I have observed the deterioration and loss of coral reefs through my life time in the local waters of the Florida Keys and in my home island of Puerto Rico. I build up layers of paint and fluid details on Yupo paper. There is an emphasis on the aquatic life that endures throughout the seascape. The colors are bright to draw in attention while at the same time revealing moments that are darker than they seem. Corals are glowing brightly amongst other corals that are faded and bleaching. Rather than large schools and shoals, there are usually a few to a handful of fish and other creatures are seen within the reefs. 
In the United States and Caribbean, since the early 2000’s, mass coral bleaching is on the rise and the results affect us directly through research and medicine, eco-tourism, and protection from storm surge waves on coastlines. There are artists with similar themes and subject matter like Ginny Zanger and Courtney Mattison, who also value the realization of our ocean’s endangered conditions while celebrating the beauty within these environments. However, I dive deeper into my personal experience all the while conveying the corals that grasp on to survival despite pollution, climate change, and ocean acidity levels rising.


Jacksonville, FL

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