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Thesis project by Edmari Hernandez-Silen


My work explores my connection with the aquatic environment of the ocean as it sways me on a metaphoric journey home, to the islands of Puerto Rico and the tropical waters that reach from the West Indies to Florida. 
I build up layers of paint and fluid details on Yupo paper, and most of the paintings are combined with various materials like digital printing, cut up paper silhouettes, and relief stamping. A visual narrative unfolds the experiences in relation to my home, the sea: investigating specific influential events such as discovering local coral reefs, almost drowning in a rip current, dreaming of the sea, and recent snorkeling trips. I have seen firsthand the environmental degradation humans have caused to the oceans and I aspire to raise awareness about the condition of our aquatic ecosystem. In retaliation to this climate change, the ocean has become an ever growing destructive force to my homeland.
No matter the circumstance, I will always returns to the sea, my home. Hogar is the Spanish meaning of “home.” By adding the letter ‘a’ to the word, it becomes ahogar, meaning “to drown.”

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