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I was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, but my longest home was Jacksonville, Florida. I was born into an Army family, which was the reason that my family was able to travel to various places such as Germany, Italy, Alaska, North Carolina, Texas, and Florida. Learning to live in a bilingual home (and sometimes in a trilingual culture), at a young age I quickly discovered that drawings had a universal visual representation of a subject that could be understood across languages and culture. I studied at the University of North Florida for my undergraduate degree, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts concentrating on Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking, and a minor in Art History. I recently completed my Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art in the University of South Carolina.

Artist Statement

My latest work is a reflection of my personal experiences of being submerged underwater as the ocean sways me on a journey back home, metaphorically. I use water soluble mediums such as acrylic, ink, and watercolor on Yupo paper. A visual narrative unfolds my life experiences as they relate to my home, the sea: investigating specific influential life events such as discovering local reefs, almost drowning in a rip current, dreaming of the sea, and snorkeling in the past two years. The work combines painting and printmaking to build up layers of memories, emotions, and concerns. Because the ocean is a part of my home, I cannot ignore the environmental degradation we have caused to the oceans. In retaliation to this climate change, the ocean has also become a destructive force to my home on land. No matter the circumstances, whether from near-death experience to the destructive path of hurricanes, I will always find myself returning to the sea.